Arenas On the Long Road Back

Arenas On the Long Road Back

When Gilbert Arenas pulled the curtain on his "AgentZeroShow" Twitter account last September, he went dark in ways we hadn't seen since his fascinating rise and infamous fall.

He stayed out of the social media circle and out of the spotlight that caused him so much angst in recent years, and on Dec. 9, the Orlando Magic used their amnesty clause on the three-time All-Star after acquiring him midway through the 2010-11 season.

In his 10-month respite from the NBA floor, Arenas is starting to become whole again, personally and professionally. He's returned to the court, most recently in a workout for the Lakers in Los Angeles, has shed more than 20 pounds since last season and has stabilized his home life with his long-time girlfriend and mother of his four kids.

Arenas spoke candidly with in a 90-minute interview that touched on everything from the ill-fated gun incident in the Wizards' locker room on Christmas Eve 2009, to the "downward spiral" it caused in recent years and his long road back.

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