Revenue Likely to Drive BCS Change

Revenue Likely to Drive BCS Change

The task is simple over the next few months. Twelve men with a combined three centuries of experience in college athletic administration must "fix" college football's postseason.

Simple? Those 11 Football Bowl Subdivision commissioners plus Notre Dame AD Jack Swarbrick might have it easier finding life on other planets. In both cases, the solution seems light years away.

"The idea that you're going to eliminate controversy," said Roy Kramer, the 82-year-old former SEC commissioner who invented the BCS 14 years ago, "if that's what you're thinking as a president, commissioner or athletic director, forget that. There will always be controversy."

Those 12 not-yet-angry men will take the next step toward reshaping that postseason this week when they gather in Dallas for the next round of BCS meetings Tuesday and Wednesday. The plus-one is all the rage -- essentially a progressive, seeded four-team playoff -- in the only sport where the NCAA doesn't conduct a championship. It is not a one-stop cure-all for what ails the sport, just the next logical step.

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