Nolan Ryan Opens Up on Darvish

AP Photo

They came bearing cameras. And notepads.

More TV cameras (16), more voice recorders (17), more still cameras (countless) than Texas Rangers CEO Nolan Ryan said the club had ever seen.

We squeezed into a tent. Us, the cameras, the reporters from Tokyo and Osaka, the guy from the Sapporo paper who greeted Nolan with a perfect, "Nice to meet you."

The unofficial head count was around 60. The fire marshal, I'm guessing, would have put it at 80.

All this Wednesday not to hear Japanese pitcher Yu Darvish speak -- that comes today -- but rather to hear Ryan talk about Darvish and his new baseball team.

"This is a record right here," Nolan announced, scanning the tent. He said the spread of media voice recorders in front of him made him "feel like...

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