How Dolphins Can Land Manning

How Dolphins Can Land Manning

Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill moved more up the draft charts by talking than the Dolphins did by winning a coin flip.

Green Bay moved into position to hold quarterback Matt Flynn for a trade ransom, if it so wants.

Kansas City General Manager Scott Pioli didn't deny a report he talked twice with Peyton Manning's agent while Kansas City coach Romeo Crennell said they'd be "crazy" not to consider Manning.

Indianapolis owner Jim Irsay tweeted: "Not sure why some speculate that Peyton n I haven't met in person recently … we've met in person n communicated frequently n last week or so?"

All this in the past 48 hours. So the longer it plays out, the closer we get to various deadlines, the more teams jockey for position and public relations, the more it's clear just how the Dolphins are in a tenuous spot. And need to make a hard run at Manning.

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