Problem for Iginla, NHL: They're Too Nice

Problem for Iginla, NHL: They're Too Nice

Gary Bettman has to be Lin-sanely jealous. And I am not just saying that because I am trying to win the intra-office pun pool.

In a year the NBA’s image was supposed to be napalmed by a prolonged lockout, the league instead salvaged a decent chunk of this season and then stumbled ass-backwards into Linsanity. Knicks guard Jeremy Lin is more than a good underdog basketball story. He has become a cultural phenomenon.

Hockey desperately needs that kind of buzz infusion, and will not get it.

I am going to make a glaring geographical stereotype now as I try to explain why. Hockey is too bleeping Canadian. And Canadians are too bleeping nice.

No, really, they are nice to the point of almost being boring.

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