Would Rams Trade 2nd Pick? Sure

Would Rams Trade 2nd Pick? Sure

So it turns out the dramatic news flash coming out of the NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis last weekend was that your St. Louis Rams are willing to trade the second overall pick in the NFL draft.

Well, gasp and swoon. Who knew?

This is news like the sun coming up this morning is news. Of course the Rams are going to try to trade the pick. It would be news if they weren't trying. It would be something bordering on football malpractice if team vice president Kevin Demoff, new general manager Les Snead and new head coach Jeff Fisher weren't hanging out in the corridors of Lucas Oil Stadium or lurking in every hotel lobby in Indy acting like big flirts, showing their best come-hither looks to make sure everyone knows the No.2 pick is for sale to the highest bidder.

Several teams have already begun their initial flirtations with the Rams, but let's be clear, that's exactly where it is right now, strictly at the flirtation stage. No firm commitments, no concrete offers made. It's far too early in the process for it to be much more than that.

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