Can New York Win All Four Titles in 2012?

Can New York Win All Four Titles in 2012?

This is supposed to be it. According to amateur astronomers, ancient civilizations and people who know which part of a cactus is smokeable, the world will end in a little less than 10 months. The human doomsdayers and their History Channel counterparts seem to agree that the worst will happen on the Winter Solstice (schedule those holiday parties early), but the method of destruction ranges from a massive comet to a collision with another planet to whatever happened in that movie where only John Cusack survived.

But what if we’re in for something more unbelievable, more unimaginable and way more intolerable: What if 2012 is the Year of New York? The year that a New York-area team takes the championship in each of the four major sports? Could the next nine-plus months bring the apocalypse AND the ApocaLINpse? (And you know that’s not even the dumbest use of Lin-guistics).

The Giants have already done their part, so who’s next? (Sorry, Mets, Jets and Islanders. The NYs in each of your logos might as well stand for "Not Yet.") The New York Rangers look like they could reintroduce themselves to the Stanley Cup for the first time since 1993-1994.  Their 40-15-6 record puts them on top of the Eastern Conference with a nine-point lead over the increasingly inconsistent Bruins, and they’ve already almost matched their 44-win total from last season.

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