ESPN Ignores NHL Trade Deadline

ESPN Ignores NHL Trade Deadline

For those of you who attempted to visit the site yesterday, my sincere apologies as one of Bloguin's three servers went down and didn't get back up for a LONG time. What KO'd the server you ask?

The NHL trade deadline where a lot of our larger hockey sites essentially had tons of people hitting refresh every dozen seconds hoping to see a big deal come through as the deadline came near.

All in all 15 trades were completed, although the biggest news of the day was probably the lack of movement by Columbus and Washington.

Having to deal with Hostpocalypse and wanting to get caught up on all things Trade Deadline, I made the mistake of believing SportsCenter would be my salvation. I'd heard some analysis on the radio and perused some links across the network but believed SportsCenter would be a nice little cliff notes version of what happened, winners and losers, best moves, etc.

Tuning into the late night SportsCenter, I found myself totally miffed that the Trade Deadline didn't get a single second of play whatsoever. On a day where no other pro games were taking place with the NBA off, the NFL combine completed, and a pretty light day of college basketball, ESPN's credibility as a news organization took a major hit by ducking the subject entirely.

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