Expanded Playoffs Good for Baseball

Expanded Playoffs Good for Baseball

Hardly anyone contended that the playoffs were too short. If anything, the postseason was too long.

I’m still concerned that baseball’s decision to add a wild card in each league will lead to further expansion, turning the playoffs into a come-one, come-all, similar to the endless NBA and NHL extravaganzas.

But at this point, even that argument is nitpicking. And the major benefit of adding a one-game, wild-card round in each league — the increased emphasis on winning division titles — is too important to ignore.

Enough handwringing.

The new format is good for the game.

The expansion of the postseason will be only baseball’s second since 1969 and first since ‘95. The ratio of qualifiers — 10 of 30 — still will be the lowest of any major professional sport.

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