Irsay Had Better Be Right

Associated Press

Irsay better be right, or he will go down as the man who cut Peyton Manning, potentially the G.O.A.T., before it was time. In a Midwestern city that loves its quarterback's loyalty, his charity, his family and his professionalism, Irsay better be right or he will never be forgiven. That beautiful stadium downtown very well might go dark.

Every franchise quarterback wants to be John Elway or Dan Marino, Troy Aikman or Terry Bradshaw. Joe Montana didn't want to leave San Francisco. Brett Favre didn't want to leave Green Bay. They wanted to finish what they started, to keep playing, keep grinding, keep winning.

The 49ers had Steve Young waiting. The Packers had Aaron Rodgers. Those were sound business decisions that worked out better for the teams than for the veterans. Montana finished up in Kansas City and Favre, it seems, is finally done after stops with the Jets...

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