Messi's Magic Transcends Mere Words

Messi's Magic Transcends Mere Words

To describe Lionel Messi as a good player, a great player, is a statement so facile as to render it pointless. Such is the utter brilliance of the Barcelona forward, we are not just running out of superlatives, as the old cliché has it, we are running out of ways to say we are running out of superlatives. He is a man for which conventional language is no longer sufficient.

Messi's is a talent that cannot be satisfactorily categorised, nor adequately described. How to put into words his five-goal performance in a 7-1 evisceration of Bayer Leverkusen last night? Go on, give it a go. Early Doors couldn't manage it, and remarkably it gets paid to write this nonsense.

Thankfully though, where language fails, arithmetic flourishes.

At 24 years of age, last night's five-goal performance means Messi is just seven - seven -goals short of Barcelona's all-time record of 235, held by Cesar Rodriguez. The most recent 186 have been scored in 201 games. It is quite conceivable, no, distinctly probable, that he will exceed 500 goals in the Barcelona shirt.

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