How Bosses Deal With March Madness

How Bosses Deal With March Madness

This is the week push comes to shove on the court and, possibly, in your cubicle.

Workers across America, as you read this, are rehearsing their scratchy-throat voices. A recent Yahoo survey reported 14% of college basketball fans said they have called in sick during the NCAA tournament.

Some had the foresight to plan vacations this week; others are left to their own mobile devices to navigate March's murky workday madness.

The worst exploitation-pod period is the first Thursday and Friday, when much of the bracket-busting is during midday work hours. Even labor lawyers who advise employers on policy and practices become caught up in the action.

Giamela is a Georgetown law school graduate whose cellphone might go straight to voicemail Friday when the Hoyas play Belmont in a Midwest Regional game.

"Can I plead the Fifth [Amendment]?" he joked.

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