NFL Is More Socialism Than Capitalism

NFL Is More Socialism Than Capitalism

Here's the thing: Jerry Jones and Daniel Snyder are two of the most indefensible human beings on earth. They are reptiles in thousand dollar suits, they've spent the better part of the past decade behaving like children or tyrants, and usually some combination therein. Most of all, though, Jerry Jones and Daniel Snyder are human proof that life is unfair.

So, it would take something REALLY unfair to have any of us defending Jones and Snyder on the point of fairness. If there's cosmic injustice out there, nobody's earned it more than those two. But Roger Goodell has a special talent for dwarfing even the biggest villains, so here we are.

NFL free agency began this week, but there's a twist with the Redskins and Cowboys. On Monday, the league hit them with salary cap penalties that'll apply over the next two years--$36 million for the Redskins, and $10 million for the Cowboys. The penalties come in response to the Cowboys and Redskins exploiting the NFL's salary structure in 2010 -- when the final year of the NFL's collective bargaining agreement allowed for a year without a salary cap. Both teams front-loaded contracts, took advantage of the loophole, and spent more than anyone in the NFL.

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