Trading Ellis the Right Move for Warriors

Trading Ellis the Right Move for Warriors

Rarely does a team on the fringes of the playoffs race deliberately pull itself out, but the Warriors did exactly that on Tuesday.

And it absolutely was the right move.

In dealing two starters, star scoring guard Monta Ellis and second-year big man Ekpe Udoh, along with previous starting center Kwame Brown, the cunning and calculating members of Warriors management effectively raised the white flag on 2011-12.

That flag, if they're lucky, should be put away for years to come.

In getting talented center Andre Bogut, along with ex-Warrior Stephen Jackson, the locals filled a low-post need that has been vacant since rookie named Chris Webber reluctantly planted himself on the block 18 years ago. Bogut is one of the five best centers in the NBA.

The catch — and there's always a catch when you trade good small man for a good big man — is Bogut happens to be recovering from a fractured left ankle sustained nearly two months ago. His return this season is possible but unlikely.

That's where the Warriors will need some luck.

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