Tournament Brings Out Best in So. Florida

Tournament Brings Out Best in So. Florida

They played like a program that had waited, and waited, and waited for a night such as this.

They played as if they had been locked out of the gym for two decades. They played as if the basketballs had been in storage for most of their lifetimes. They played as if they were finally at the party, and they were having too far much fun to go home.

Oh, those magnificent USF Bulls, making up for lost time.

Is there anyone who thinks they don't belong in the NCAA Tournament now?

They were terrific, these Bulls. They overwhelmed a 24-win Cal team Wednesday night, smothering the Golden Bears offense and shredding their defense on their way to the program's first-ever NCAA Tournament victory. The final score, 65-54, sounds far more merciful than this game actually was.

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