Pluses, Minuses of Big 12's TV Deal

Pluses, Minuses of Big 12's TV Deal

Virtually every autumn Saturday, a Southeastern Conference football game is broadcast on CBS coast to coast.

Not on cable. Not regional coverage. Over the air. National.

The Big 12 does not have quite the same exposure. And that's by choice.

NBC absolutely is interested in expanding its college football platform beyond Notre Dame home games. Fox – big Fox, not Fox Sports – clearly wants to get into the Saturday game.

There most certainly is competition for the Big 12's Tier I rights (over the air).

Yet the Sports Business Journal reported that the Big 12 has agreed to a nine-year extension of its contract with ABC/ESPN, which will tie the conference to its long-time partner through 2025.

But ABC will air the majority of Big 12 games on a regional basis. They won't be automatically aired in Florida or California or Ohio.

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