Sweet 16 an Ohio Statement

Sweet 16 an Ohio Statement

Forget the Sweet 16.

    The story of the NCAA Tournament is the Ohio Four.

    For the first time, according to the NCAA, one state has four teams into the Sweet 16, after No. 2 seed Ohio State, which won on Saturday, was joined Sunday by No. 6 seed Cincinnati, No. 10 seed Xavier and No. 13 seed Ohio University in advancing to the tournament's second week.

Everyone knew Ohio would be a battleground state in 2012, but it figured to be in November for the presidential election, not in March for the NCAA basketball tournament. Isn't this a football state?

    For the moment, the ball that matters is round and orange. So the state that hosted the First Four, as the NCAA Tournament kicked off in Dayton on Tuesday and Wednesday, with President Obama even swinging by the games, is now at the heart of the tournament again.

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