Time to Pull the Plug on Kenny & Charles

Time to Pull the Plug on Kenny & Charles

When Seth Davis became a studio analyst for CBS’ college basketball coverage in 2004, the general reaction was, “Who the hell is this guy?”

After all, Davis had never played college basketball and didn’t have much television experience before landing such a highly coveted job. And there were plenty of skeptics who thought Davis was just another smug Duke alum.

What people didn’t realize is that Davis had worked his ass off to get where he was. In a little over a decade since graduating college, he had gone from an aspiring sports writer covering high schools in Connecticut to a fact-checker at Sports Illustrated to an SI college basketball writer to a CBS studio analyst (the story of how much work Davis put in to accomplish this is for an entirely different column).

And while the hire by CBS seemed questionable at the time, Davis proved his worth by displaying an encyclopedia-like knowledge of college hoops that proved especially useful on the Selection Show where there are so many teams and players the general public has no knowledge about. Over the years, Davis firmly established himself as the go-to source for college basketball news and information like Adam Schefter is to NFL coverage.

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