Everyone But Baylor's Griner Focuses on Dunk


You have no trouble believing Baylor coach Kim Mulkey -- she of the bright-gold game-day jacket -- when she says, "If I could dunk, I'd do back flips down the floor."

But you might find it hard to believe that someone who really can throw it down -- Baylor junior center Brittney Griner -- sometimes just doesn't think to do it. That's what Griner says: It doesn't always occur to her even when the chance is there. Mulkey, though, theorizes that Griner is a bit worried about whether observers might write or say something negative.

"I think she's scared to get excited sometimes and celebrate a dunk," Mulkey said. "I think she's gotten away from trying to be monstrous with going to the rim. I told her about two weeks ago, 'Even if you miss it, it sends a...

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