Where Is the Outrage for Graham James?

Where Is the Outrage for Graham James?

Every single Monday and Wednesday during hockey season, for five years, Graham James pretended to be a passionate, caring junior hockey coach for young boys.

He perpetrated this charade so he’d be able to rape Todd Holt, among others.

I am sorry if that language offends you. What I know from talking with former NHL star Theo Fleury is the reality was much worse than the language for him and his cousin, Holt, who endured this twice-weekly hell.

There is no alleged needed here. James admitted sexually assaulting both for years, his second time being convicted of such grotesque charges. His first included other boys, other days, another hell.

What Tuesday was supposed to bring was an end, a little justice for James and a little peace for his victims.

He was sentenced to two years in prison.

Let that sink in — two bleeping years for sexually assaulting young boys.

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