Now More Than Ever, Saints Must Sign Brees

Now More Than Ever, Saints Must Sign Brees

In the Spring of 2005, free agent quarterback Drew Brees took official visits to two NFL cities.

When he arrived in New Orleans, the Saints rolled out the red carpet. Celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse cooked him and his wife Brittany a meal, head coach Sean Payton drove them around town in his car, and the guys in the front office talked about building an offense around players and schemes that suited him best.

A few days after getting the royal treatment from the Saints, Brees flew to Miami. Instead of being courted and told how wonderful he was by the Dolphins’ brass, Brees was forced to undergo eight hours’ worth of physical examinations. The Dolphins weren’t sold on Brees, and just a few months removed from major shoulder surgery, they wanted to poke and prod him before handing over the keys to the franchise.

Brees signed with the Saints.

They showed him the love.

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