Why Cincinnati Doesn't Root for Ohio State

Why Cincinnati Doesn't Root for Ohio State

We here in the Republic of Cincinnati, Hybrid, Ohio, USA don’t much care about The Ohio State University. If we are being honest and candid and not flexing our legendary politeness, we will admit to mass indifference when it comes to the Buckeyes and their quasi-amateur athletes. Sam Wyche -- philanthropist, philosopher, mad genius, occasional football coach – said it best:

“Ya don’t live in Columbus! Ya live in Cincinnati!’’

Uh, Paul.


It was, “Ya don’t live in Cleveland.’’

Oh. Well. Columbus. Cleveland. The rest of the state. Same (in)difference.

I won’t say we’re provincial. But there are some of us who don’t realize there is civilization east of I-75. How are we supposed to find meaning 100 miles up I-71?

Don’t ask me. Ask my colleague Howard Wilkinson, who has covered politics for about 1,000 years, and grew up in Dayton. “People here have come to recognize themselves more as Cincinnatians than Ohioans,’’ he said. “That’s not necessarily the case in Lima.’’

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