Coach's Job in Jeopardy as Clippers Fall Apart

Coach's Job in Jeopardy as Clippers Fall Apart

They completed a back-to-back-to-back trip with another embarrassing loss, this one a 97-90 defeat to the woeful New Orleans Hornets, amid speculation that coach Vinny Del Negro's job could be in jeopardy.

The dispiriting defeat ruined Chris Paul's homecoming to the city where he was a source of civic pride. It also had to hurt the Clippers to see Chris Kaman, one of several assets dealt for Paul, put up 20 and 10. Adding injury to a string of insults, Mo Williams had to be carried off the court with an injury to his left big toe.

Most of the attention, though, focused on an ESPN report Thursday that amid the Clippers' slide, tension between the players and Del Negro had increased to the point where he had lost the team, according to an unnamed source. A similarly unnamed player said Del Negro's unwillingness to criticize the team's two stars, Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, had created "a big problem."

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