Goodell Overreacts to Bounties

Goodell Overreacts to Bounties

What I've discovered this week is the NFL has suddenly become a safer, more civil place for tackling and blocking, and I know this because I read it in all the newspapers, including this one.

Then most of the TV talking heads have also confirmed what I read in the newspapers.

Roger Goodell, beloved commissioner of the NFL (by the way, I do like the work of Goodell, most of the time, anyway), took out his judgmental tire iron this week, and repeatedly struck the skull area of a member organization.

When Goodell was finally finished, the New Orleans Saints were placed in a commissioner-induced coma for the 2012 season, and the beating was so severe recovery after even one season is certainly not guaranteed, or even expected.

Oohs and aahs were heard from a shocked yet pleased national media, and this was followed by appreciative standing O's in print.

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