How Payton Can Begin to Make Things Right

How Payton Can Begin to Make Things Right

We've heard from defensive coordinator Gregg Williams on the NFL's penalties for Bountygate, but we're still waiting on Saints coach Sean Payton. He reportedly told Fox's Jay Glazer he was "not OK" after what occurred, but this just in: Nobody else is, either.

So Payton needs to explain himself.

He needs to come forward and demonstrate some remorse, some contrition, some responsibility, some something for his role in disgracing the New Orleans Saints, and I know just the place.

Next week's annual NFL owners meetings in Florida.

Payton is not required to be there. In fact, there have been coaches who skipped past meetings, so there is precedent. If Payton were to pass, let's just say people would understand. Even though his one-year suspension doesn't start until April 1, attending the March 25-28 meetings would be awkward, difficult and potentially embarrassing.

But that's why he should be there.

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