Woods' Stubbornness Might Cost Him

Woods' Stubbornness Might Cost Him

Watching Tiger Woods play golf has become a real challenge. Not many of us can hold our breath for almost five straight hours.

You inhale on the first tee and can’t relax until the final putt. In between, you wonder if every move might be his last.

By that measure, Thursday’s round at the Arnold Palmer Invitational was a success. Woods walked 7,381 yards and took 69 swings, not counting warm-ups.

“I’m feeling good,” he said afterward.

It was Woods’ first PGA round since hobbling off at Doral 11 days ago with a strained Achilles’ tendon. Judging by that limp, it seemed we might not see him again until June.

But he played a practice round Sunday at Augusta National, then two straight days at the Tavistock Cup exhibition, then a pro-am round on Wednesday.

Unless he misses the cut at Bay Hill, he will play eight straight days of golf. In automotive terms, that would be like driving Palmer’s 1947 Toro tractor from Latrobe, Pa., to Los Angeles.

Is Tiger worried the wheels might come off?

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