Azarenka Could Save Women's Tennis

Azarenka Could Save Women's Tennis

Women’s tennis has a new No. 1 player who could be the savior of the game.

But before saluting her too heartily, recall that we’ve heard this before, 17 times in the past five years.

Victoria Azarenka extended her winning streak to 24-0 on Friday at the Sony Ericsson Open, which is the best start to a season since Martina Hingis went 37-0 in 1997. Azarenka, defending champion here, has already won four tournaments this year.

The Belarusian blaster, nicknamed Vika the Shrieka, sounds like a loon when she hits her powerful shots. Her long blond braid bounces off her back. She’s devoted to her grandmother and dates Sergei Bubka Jr., the tennis pro son of the great pole vaulter.

She’s on top of the world. But the world keeps spinning.

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