Final 4 Better Without Cinderella

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No one loves mid-majors more. I felt cleansed each time after departing Hinkle Fieldhouse on Butler University's campus, left smiling after hearing VCU's band play and was giddy while watching George Mason's improbable march to the Final Four back in 2006.

There's nothing like a glass slipper. We all love Cinderella. She's beautiful, cute and adorable -- all rolled into one. But sometimes enough is enough.

That's where we're at.

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Early Look at Final 4 Matchups

March 26, 2012

As fond as my memories are from last year’s NCAA tournament, there was a pervading sense that by the time we reached Houston, the drama was on a downward arc. Butler had already delivered a buzzer-beater, the gaffe game,... more »