Glockner: 10 Burning Questions

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re you the type who turns on Super Bowl coverage for the first time 10 minutes before the actual game? Then we have something for you. Forget having to look back through four days of analysis and measured hype. Just review these 10 Burning Questions sometime before Saturday's tip and you'll be fully prepared for any semifinal scenario that could arise.

1. Is this John Calipari's biggest game as a coach?

We'll assume that we live in the real world, not the NCAA's world, so this is Cal's fourth Final Four appearance. He's coached in a national title game. He's coached (unsuccessfully) in the NBA. A championship is the one missing piece from his resume, so maybe Monday night would be bigger if he gets there (especially if it's against Bill Self in a 2008 rematch), but there can't have been a game with a wider range of legacy possibilities at...

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