A-to-Z Guide to Title Game


A is for the adversity Kansas guard Tyshawn Taylor overcame growing up in a crime-ridden part of Hoboken, N.J. "The people in my life that were important to me made sure I kept a basketball in my hands and I didn't stray no matter how hard it got," Taylor said. "My mom, my godmother, my big brother my aunt. Even those guys that I saw gang-banging and drug dealing, those guys told me they didn't want me to have to do that."

B is for blocked shots, something both Kentucky center Anthony Davis and Kansas center Jeff Withey excel at. Davis leads the nation at 4.6 blocks per game and has swatted 23 in five NCAA tournament games. Withey averaged 3.6 blocks per game this season, but he has tallied 27 in the NCAA tournament.

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