Withey Could Be Difference-Maker

AP Photo

The five Kansas starters piled into a golf cart in the Superdome hallway Sunday, dutifully on their way to yet another scheduled media engagement. Center Jeff Withey, one of the defensive stars of this NCAA tournament, smartly grabbed half of the rear-facing backbench and uncoiled his legs. As the cart pulled away and cruised slowly down the corridor, Withey casually let his right foot bounce and scrape on the hallway floor. It was the kind of playfulness you'd expect to see from a child, but in this case, it hinted at an older one's contentedness.

In one small vignette, on the eve of the biggest game of his life, Withey showed off his length, his preternatural California cool, and his newfound comfort as a Jayhawk. Kansas will need all of those traits in ample doses Monday night if it hopes to upset Kentucky and take home the national title. It's not overstating...

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