Anthony Davis Is the Future

Anthony Davis Is the Future

The commercial tells us all the time: There are over 400,000 NCAA student-athletes, and most of them will go pro in something other than sports. And then there's Anthony Davis, and that's a whole other story.

He's everything you'd expect basketball superstars to look like 75 years from now. Seven feet tall with arms that stretch forever, he jumps over you or runs past you, and plays power forward with the skills of a point guard. It doesn't seem fair, and surrounded by college basketball players, it definitely isn't.

There were three plays Monday night that stood out. The first came with a little more than 16 minutes left in the second half. Kansas' Thomas Robinson was backing down Terrence Jones and as he turned the corner toward the basket he saw Davis waiting for him in the center of the lane. So Robinson spun back the other way, toward the baseline, and launched a quick floater at the rim. But Davis--who was at least five feet away--closed the gap instantly, blocked the shot, and then controlled it himself for the rebound, toeing the sideline in the process.

The second moment came a few minutes later, when Davis missed a midrange jumper, and Robinson extended one of his gigantic arms and pulled down a one-handed rebound that made him look something like college basketball's incredible hulk. But as soon as he landed, there was Kentucky's 200-pound freshman, poking the ball away for an easy steal, clearing the way for a wide-open Terrence Jones dunk.

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