Arenas Focusing on Team Instead of Himself

Arenas Focusing on Team Instead of Himself

He wears No. 10 now, a throwback from his Team USA days, because "they don't let you have 0 and 00 on a team, even though you can have 1 and 11." Besides, Darrell Arthur already had the single-digit version of nothing, and the whole point of this exercise with the Memphis Grizzlies is that Gilbert Arenas isn't supposed to be calling attention to himself for frivolous reasons again.

Nothing attention-grabbing about No. 10. Nothing desperate or unnerving about the fact that Arenas grabbed his iPad and played a video game after the Grizzlies' game in Milwaukee the other night, swiping at moving targets for two or three minutes before looking up and seeing the reporters and cameras waiting for him to provide the A's to their Q's.

He wasn't, after all, online.

Arenas is best-behaving these days as a backup guard for Memphis, struggling to get in game shape on the fly while providing some insurance for Mike Conley, Jeremy Pargo and other point guards in Lionel Hollins' locker room. Agent Zero isn't along for this ride -- Arenas' goofy, unshackled, almost-too-real alter ego will have to cool his heels until the offseason if this reclamation project is going to work.

The Grizzlies pulled the 30-year-old, three-time NBA All-Star off the amnesty heap a couple of weeks ago, taking a low-risk chance that Arenas might have enough in him physically -- and enough maturity pounded into him by his outrageous guns-in-the-locker-room flameout in Washington and dreary humbling in Orlando -- to help them in what's left of this season and postseason.

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