Parcells Hire Would Again Mock Rooney Rule

Parcells Hire Would Again Mock Rooney Rule

The fact Bill Parcells might take over the Saints is being discussed almost everywhere inside the NFL. In coaching offices. In texts between coaches. Phone calls and dinners and pro days. It's everywhere.

Even NFL commissioner Roger Goodell couldn't help but comment on Parcells this week.

"That's their decision," he told the Associated Press on Monday when asked about the possibility of Parcells joining the Saints. "They need to make those decisions and we'll move forward. Bill's a great coach, and I'm sure [he] will add a lot of personality and intrigue. And he's as competitive as they get, so I'm sure he'll do a good job."

There is one corner of the NFL that might be more interested in Parcells and the Saints than others. No one can speak for every black assistant coach in the NFL. There are hundreds with their own individual thoughts and beliefs, but after speaking with a number of them this week, one thing is clear.

If Parcells is named coach of the Saints in a move that effectively bypasses the Rooney Rule, there is going to be a great deal of outrage among many of the black assistants.

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