Cincy Knows How to Celebrate Opening Day

Cincy Knows How to Celebrate Opening Day

Now, it’s official.

Opening Day in Cincinnati is a holiday like no other. City Council says so. Nice of the city’s leaders to recognize what the rest of the world has known for a century.

Today’s Opening Day 2012 – signaling the start of another Cincinnati Reds season of eternal optimism – marks the first time the Queen City’s most sacred secular event takes place under its new status as an official ceremonial city holiday. (Whatever that is.)

Opening Day is the only holiday of its kind on the city’s books.

“This makes us the only city in Major League Baseball,” said Councilman Wendell Young, “to recognize Opening Day as a holiday.” St. Louis tried it in 2010. And 2011. But the Cardinals’ fans struck out.

Reds fans also tried it in 2011. Remember the Make It Official campaign? Led by architect Michael Schuster, the effort hoped to circulate petitions and gather enough signatures to put the matter to a vote in Cincinnati. Make It Official didn’t make it to the ballot box. The effort needed 8,522 valid signatures.

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