Longtime Cubs Fan Living Dream as Announcer

Longtime Cubs Fan Living Dream as Announcer

The view of one of Andrew Belleson's favorite places on earth hasn't changed much since the first time he laid eyes on it as a boy.

And yet, when viewed from a new perspective -- the one he will have again this week as another baseball season dawns -- everything is somehow completely different.

The landmarks are all there just as they had been years before when the young boy walked, for the first time, into what is now the grown man's office.

The grass is just as green. The aging hand-operated scoreboard, the flags flapping from poles in the wind and the barren brick outfield are all just as Belleson remembers them to be.

The Chicago skyline, off in the distance, is just as majestic and the big lake that seems to know no bounds when seen looking out of the confines of Wrigley Field is just as magnificent as always.

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