Opening Day Not What It Once Was

Opening Day Not What It Once Was

Opening Day. There is only one, and it's in baseball. The theater has opening nights scattered here and there about the calendar, and there are various opening days of ... the fishing season, the race meeting, the NFL season. But there is only one Opening Day ..."

-- Frank Deford, "Spring Has Sprung," in the April 10, 1978 issue of Sports Illustrated

Well, that is not quite true anymore, is it?

Opening Day is today, a week after the Major League Baseball season began, and a day before I thought it began, when the St. Louis Cardinals play the Miami Marlins. The Cards are the defending champs, of course, and the revamped Marlins are hoping a new ballpark, high payroll, and manager Ozzie Guillen can get fans excited, or at least get them to show up.

Then, the next day, there are seven more games. And Friday there are nine more. And last week, the A's and Mariners played a pair of games in Japan, which roused my interest exactly as much as a pair of A's-Mariners games in Oakland. This is to say: Not at all.

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