The Real Failures of Wonderlic Leaks

The Real Failures of Wonderlic Leaks

Part of me doesn't want to name the central character in this story. But I'll do it because you probably know his name already -- and even if you don't, you could Google a few of the facts and figure it out.

So his name is Morris Claiborne, and he played cornerback for LSU, and in a few weeks he'll be one of the first players picked in the 2012 NFL Draft. At that point his life will change. He'll become rich. He'll become (more) famous. He'll have endorsements to choose from, a new city to discover, a home to buy. His life will never be the same.

But one thing won't change.

He'll always be Morris Claiborne, the guy who scored the 4 on the Wonderlic.

He'll always be the guy who was identified -- and then mocked -- by the website Pro Football Talk as having the worst known NFL Wonderlic score, ever. The founder of that site, Mike Florio, wrote the story on Claiborne's Wonderlic score under the headline, "Claiborne gives birth to a four on the Wonderlic." That's a play on Claiborne's last name, get it? Smart guy, Mike Florio. He's as clever as the day is long.

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