Bayern Driven by Home-Field Motivation

Bayern Driven by Home-Field Motivation

Bayern Munich wants to win the Champions League.

That's hardly news. Any team involved would rather win the Champions League than not. But Bayern really, really wants to win this year. You see, the final will be hosted by the Allianz Arena, Bayern's home stadium.

"Knowing that the final takes place at our own stadium, our dream is obviously to make it there," Philipp Lahm said to L'Equipe.

"We shouldn't talk about the final yet, but of course it's something extra special when it's in your own stadium," Arjen Robben told

"I think it's something special, the final in your stadium. For the club, it would be something incredibly big," Franz Beckenbauer said on Sky. "If you play at home in the Champions League final, you are favorites – even against Barcelona."

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