Grizzlies Need Gay to Be Engaged

Grizzlies Need Gay to Be Engaged

Remember when Grizzlies fans used to fret about whether Zach Randolph and Rudy Gay could co-exist?

Which guy would be the alpha dog? Who would take over games in the fourth quarter?

Answer: Um, neither?

Zach is not back. Gay is off wandering in a funk of his own invention.

The two combined for 17 points and eight rebounds against Golden State. They combined for 12 points and seven rebounds against Dallas.

That's a good night for Kwame Brown. But for Z-Bo and Rudy?

Heading into tonight's game against the Miami Heat, the Grizzlies are in a virtual tie for fifth place in the Western Conference playoff race. But if Randolph and Gay don't find themselves soon, any playoff appearance by this team will be a short one.

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