Magic's Howard Mature Physically, Not Mentally

Magic's Howard Mature Physically, Not Mentally

Dwight Howard: Physically imposing, emotionally fragile.

Over the years, there have been many adjectives to describe the Magic center, but timid was never one of them.

Now, after Thursday's bombshell, we know differently.

As a result, a season of reasonable promise in Orlando has spun so far out of control that it's looking more and more as if the Magic will begin the playoffs on the road, possibly with coach Stan Van Gundy kicked to the curb.

On the court, for those 94 feet, during those 48 minutes, Howard can be as decisive as any player in the NBA, throwing it down or swatting it away.

But take him away from the game glare and what you have, apparently, is a player too sensitively weak for the platform he has demanded.

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