Oakland Opener Brings Joy Before Sadness

Oakland Opener Brings Joy Before Sadness

They still rush the turnstiles on opening night, dancing into the old gray bowl known as the Oakland Coliseum. And they still root for the A's, a once-potent brand now devolved into baseball's sickliest franchise.

Opening night in Oakland has become the joy before the sadness, the moonlit party before the six-month hangover.

And Friday night, good fans received a glimpse of the storied past -- hey, there's Gene Tenace throwing out the ceremonial first pitch -- while cheering through an unfulfilling and interminable present.

After playing two regular-season games against Seattle last week in Tokyo, the A's opened their 2012 domestic regular season with a 7-3 loss to the Mariners before a sellout crowd (35,067) in Oakland, where the lightness of hope is offset by the gravity of reality.

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