Jim Mora Era Begins at UCLA

Jim Mora Era Begins at UCLA

The Jim Mora era has begun with a #$@#.

In UCLA's first spring pads practice Saturday, in front of several hundred fans whose jaws need to be scraped off Spaulding Field, the new coach lit a fuse under the traditional Bruins culture and blew it to blue bits.

He cursed. Lordy, did he curse. At one point midway through the practice, he gathered his team around him and screamed at them for several long and loud profane minutes. He informed them that their effort stunk and invited them to leave the field if their effort continued to stink, all in words that made the grass blush.

He chased. He ran to slap the pads of players who made big downfield plays or sideline tackles. He ran to scream at players who messed up over the middle. He once even ran after a lineman who was trudging to the sidelines, profanely ordering the player to either start sprinting off the field or just sprint to the locker room.

He controlled. He would angrily order entire units off the field. He would confront assistant coaches with sweeping gestures. At one point he even ran to the sidelines and scolded a student manager who had set his water bottles on the ground and turned them into a safety hazard.

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