Masters Policy Mars Final-Round Telecast

Masters Policy Mars Final-Round Telecast

Another year, another phenomenal Masters Sunday.

From the thunderclap of Louis Oosthuizen's double eagle on the second hole to the sweeping wedge recovery shot that won the day for Bubba Watson, the Masters delivered its traditional measure of thrills in the final round. It is a tournament won by making great things happen, not merely by avoiding mistakes.

The course was built for drama, and the golfers obliged. The top six finishers were 1 over par on the first nine holes Sunday, then 14 under on the back nine - 12 under on its two par-5s. All those birdies and eagles - and our anticipation of them - keep the telecast lively.

The relationship between Augusta National and CBS has been long and generally beneficial for them and for us. It's the most unusual arrangement in television, because the network doesn't call the shots. Maintaining control is more important to the club than maximizing profits.

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