Sapp Latest Among Reckless Athletes


Though his best football was left behind in Tampa Bay, where he won a Super Bowl and polished his Pro Football Hall of Fame credentials, Warren Sapp still had plenty to offer when he signed with the Raiders in 2004.

Sapp was the voice of experience, a locker-room counselor who often settled in front of his cubicle to dispense advice to teammates, team employees and even reporters.

He was loud, sometimes obnoxious, but he usually made sense.

So the news that Sapp is the latest former multimillionaire athlete to file for bankruptcy was a surprising jolt of reality.

Athletes frequently go broke, but it seems we're in the midst of an epidemic. Recent news accounts have told the sad tales of -- take a deep breath -- Dennis Rodman, Terrell Owens, Lenny Dykstra, Antoine Walker and Allen Iverson. They all made...

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