Credit Guillen for Giving Real Apology

Credit Guillen for Giving Real Apology

How often does a public figure who has stepped into a big pile actually go before the public, say “I’m sorry,” and actually mean it?

Ozzie Guillen may have broken new ground.

It’s impossible to commend him for what he voluntarily stepped into, but you can commend him for this. If he was genuinely sincere, that is.

If he wasn’t, then the Marlins manager on Tuesday morning gave an acting performance that should lock up the next 10 Oscars. But in his hour of very public contrition in Miami, Guillen looked as if he truly got it.

This is what I did wrong, he said. This is who I hurt and how I hurt them. This is how much I want to make it up to them.

It’s everything you’d ask of such an apology. And the exact opposite of what we usually get.

Never mind the typical non-apology apology. If that were how Guillen had chosen to address his published praise of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro in Time magazine – “I love Fidel Castro,” is what he said, explaining in a convoluted way which aspect of him he loved and which one he didn’t – then he would have told the packed press conference something like this: “I’m sorry if I offended anybody.”

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