Does Guillen Deserve His Suspension?

Does Guillen Deserve His Suspension?

Who speaks for the victims of Fulgencio Batista?

That was the first question that popped into my head when I read of the outrage among Miami's Cuban-American community over Ozzie Guillen's flippant comments about Fidel Castro in TIME.

Everybody's heard of Fidel Castro. Not nearly as many have heard of Fulgencio Batista, who preceded Fidel Castro as dictator of Cuba.

Batista's regime, which began with a coup in 1952 and ended in early 1959 when Batista fled the country with hundreds of millions of dollars, was incredibly corrupt, oppressive, and beholden to foreign corporations and American gangsters. According to one source, "The U.S.-supported Batista regime killed 20,000 Cubans."

The U.S. finally withdrew its official support for Batista in 1958, and later imposed an arms embargo that facilitated Castro's takeover a few months later.

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