One Year Later, Stow Family Coping

One Year Later, Stow Family Coping

The idea was such a sweet one. When the Giants play their first home game of 2012 on Friday afternoon at AT&T Park, the perfect person to appear on the mound for the ceremonial first pitch would be Bryan Stow.

How awesome would the reaction be to that sight? Stow, roughly one year after being beaten into a coma by parking lot thugs at Dodger Stadium after the Giants' 2011 season opener, could bring the crowd to its feet with a simple wave and smile.

But it won't be happening. Although the Stow family was receptive when the Giants invited Bryan to the opener, the idea wasn't realistic. Last month, Stow left the rehabilitation unit at Valley Medical Center in San Jose to take the next step of a long and complicated recovery from his traumatic brain injury.

Stow is living at a specialized facility in the Central Valley, where he continues his fight to stand on his own or even start a simple conversation. The sad truth is, neither task may be attainable. Stow's cerebral damage was that severe.

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