Bo Knows: No More 2-Sport Superstars

"So that's that stench I smelled when I walked in." This is how Bo Jackson greets me, moments after I mention that I went to the University of Georgia, the historical rival of Jackson's alma mater, Auburn. Pretty disarming stuff, especially coming from one of the most badass athletes of my—or anyone else's—lifetime. Even today, nearly two decades after he retired from a two-sport career in the NFL and MLB, Jackson, who turns 50 in November, is still built like a fire hydrant with a tapered waist, like he could blast through linebackers and snap baseball bats over his knee, just like back in the day. He's sitting in the bar atop New York's Hotel Gansevoort, and he's wearing a t-shirt that reads "bo bikes bama." It's the reason for this visit: At the end of April, ...

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