Whispers Cloud Top UCLA Recruit

Whispers Cloud Top UCLA Recruit

When news of Shabazz Muhammad's college decision reached the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity house on the UCLA campus, there was jubilation.

"Everybody was screaming down the halls," Kumar Nadhan, a psychobiology student, said Thursday of the reaction to one of the nation's top two recruits announcing that he would become a Bruin.

Dan Chikanov, another psychobiology student, said his roommates "were jumping up and down and we were all chanting 'Sha-bazz!' for five minutes straight."

Chikanov also heard similar chants from nearby fraternities — which is saying something. "I'm hard of hearing," said Chikanov, who uses a cochlear implant, "but I could hear that."

Outside Westwood, there were some whispers.

Why would a player said to be NBA-ready pick a team that missed the NCAA tournament twice in the last three years, the skeptics wondered. Did the family's ties to Adidas play a role in Muhammad's choosing a program affiliated with the shoe company?

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